Dominican Orientation

Get Ready

Get ready to live in the DR. Are you mentally prepared? For whatever your reason for moving to the DR it is still a move and it's bigger than an intercontinental move. It's an international move. The culture and government are... Continue Reading →

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Get Set

Get ready to live in the DR. This post tells you what do you need to research and set up to start living in the DR. There are two major areas - work and home. Job You need to already... Continue Reading →

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Go or come to the DR. This post will tell you how to get here and what you may need to bring with you. What to Bring with You: Clothes You don't really need more than clothes on your back to... Continue Reading →

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Carwash with Bar? Heaven

Can you believe that even going to the carwash is different in the Dominican Republic? Most people hate washing their own car and rarely if ever do it instead they go to a carwash and pay someone to manually wash... Continue Reading →

National Beer and Past Time

Ok. You gotta learn it so you don't look confused when you see a green refrigerator. The national beer cerveza is called Presidente (yeap Spanish word for President). It's also known as a Fria (cold). It is the one thing you... Continue Reading →

What’s WhatsApp?

What's WhatsApp and why do I care? Well in short WhatsApp is a phone application that lets you text, send voice clips, or call (voice or video) for free using Wifi or your paid mobile data. It's a lot like... Continue Reading →

Uber in the DR

Uber is in the Dominican Republic and along with the site theme, it is different. It has been in the Dominican Republic for about a year now and has both UberX and UberXL just like in the US but it also... Continue Reading →

Measuring and Measurements

You may notice right away that Dominicans measure things differently than the US. Not differently than the world but different than the US. They use the metric system. You probably remember learning about the metric system in one of your... Continue Reading →

Doing Laundry, really?

I didn't think this was gonna be such a big deal -laundry. I had a laundry strategy in the US - every 2 weeks I visited the laundromat and washed, dried, and folded all household clothes in less than 2... Continue Reading →

Traffic Police

The Dominican Republic will have a special police you are almost sure to come across on the streets especially at the traffic lights. They are called "AMET" for Autoridad Metropolitana de Transporte (loosely translated Metropolitan Transport Authority). They are the ones... Continue Reading →

Money, Money, Money

This is most likely the most important topic. In the Dominican Republic -cash is King and maybe Queen and Jack. There are many places that just take cash! I had to use cash to buy a mattress set, they wouldn't... Continue Reading →

International Schools

International Schools in Santo Domingo that would likely need English speaking teachers and maybe for more than just than to teach English: American School of Santo Domingo (ASSD) Calle C #7, Cuesta Hermosa III, Arroyo Hondo, Santo Domingo. It has... Continue Reading →

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