Get ready to live in the DR. Are you mentally prepared? For whatever your reason for moving to the DR it is still a move and it’s bigger than an intercontinental move. It’s an international move. The culture and government are sooo different. Well, maybe not that much different than a move from Greenville, South Carolina to San Francisco, CA.

First thing you gotta prepare like any move – do you know how much money you have, will you have a job, which city would you like to live in, what must you have in the DR, how would you like to live, do you know any Spanish, have you ever visited or know someone already here, are you moving with kids, how long you plan on living here, will you have a car, where do you want to live, how safe would you like the neighborhood, how often do you need to see your family back home (only ask cause during peak season airline tickets skyrocket for several hundred dollars), etc.

After you have answered those questions or at least thought about them be sure to read some of my posts on the stuff you may be stumped on. It may help you make a better decision or it may at least take away the worry of the unknown and you will know somewhat what to expect. You can also do what I did and move here and see what happens, completely oblivious to how it is really live here. Then again, I was born here and visited often, have lots of family in the DR, and am fluent in Spanish so, maybe don’t listen to me. If it comforts you – Dominicans are completely comfortable with not knowing and finding out when they need to. They take public transportation without knowing where it’s going, or how much it cost, or really where exactly (what address) they are going to.

I also write some words in Spanish and they can be identified by italics or the fact that you may not understand a word or two I wrote. They are words you may have forgotten from your basic Spanish class (maybe advance Spanish class) or words that locals use and a couple you will eventually learn or hear.

If you have anything you want to add please leave a comment.