Well, this is one of the first things you gotta learn. You use it every day and need to get it right. It’s different in the DR. First and most important rule – do not throw anything in the toilet – NO Paper. You’ll see the signs in most public places including hotels. You’ll see the trash cans with lots of toilet paper- get used to it. The toilets clog easy or maybe it’s the sewer system or maybe the fact that it seems no one owns a plunger or maybe it’s the paper itself, I really don’t know.  I just knew all my life don’t do it.

Another thing to get used to is that the bathrooms may be below your standards in a lot of places – no running water, no toilet paper, no soap, and no toilet seat. Trust me when I say it’s improved but not everywhere. You are likely to find bathrooms that you despise. Nothing is guaranteed not even privacy. I have entered in a bathroom that has no doors to the stalls. I usually carry almost everything except the toilet seat with me especially if I am traveling. For soap, I brought with me camp soap sheets- find them in the US before you move, I doubt you will find it here.

I have, more times than I would like to have, seen guys urinate in public – in the side of the road, in between cars, in front of a tree. I once saw a guy also stand if up from squatting. Not sure what he did but I didn’t want to know – it was broad daylight.

The second and last rule to the bathroom policy is to keep it as clean as possible and flush (descarga) your stuff even if there is no running water. In that case, there will be a container filled with water and something to pour it with. Don’t be surprised if you find the toilet with at least urine but personally, I think that should be flushed too. Other people gotta use it.

So you know that you will need a trash can in your home bathroom. Most have a cheap clothes hamper looking small trashcan but I prefer paying the extra money for a closed trash can with a step pedal. I hate using plastic (I have tree hugging tendencies)  including plastic bags but I recommend keeping the million bags that they give you at any grocery store. They are perfect bathroom trash bags.

While on the subject of stuff to buy for the bathroom – pay attention when buying toilet paper most have scents and I guess it’s because of the open trash cans. I found grocery store white unscented toilet paper for about $7 USD for 24 rolls. Personally, I also buy 2000 flushes or blue duck (available in the DR) tablets to add to the toilets so that every time I flush I get a good pleasant scent.

TIP – learn to make your own poop covering spray in case you want to prevent anyone else smelling it. Below is one I found from endevourly.com (the also have downloadable printable labels):

Does anyone know why one shouldn’t throw anything in the toilets in the DR (and don’t bother to provide your cause-I-think-they-are-nasty opinion)?  If so, please leave a comment.