It seems like almost all the call centers in the Dominican Republic are looking for English speaking employees except any local call centers for like electricity, telecommunications, etc. Below is what I hope to be a complete list of those call centers in Santo Domingo with their online web page. I must warn you that you probably won’t find many details in the jobs they post. It’s my perception that most people know someone in a call center so they physically go to that center and submit their resume (or their friend does), most the rest of the people find out from Facebook but rarely with full details of a job.

  1. Acquire BPO
    • Citi Tower 19th Floor, Acropolis Center, Ave. Winston Churchill Esq. Andres Julio Aybar, Santo Domingo
  2. Advensus
    • 27 de Febrero #269 Esq. Juan Baron Fajardo, Piantini, Santo Domingo
  3. Alorica
    • 2 locations in Santo Domingo –
      • Kennedy@ Calle Summer Wells, Santo Domingo
      • Edificio Alfonso Comercial, Av. Tiradentes 14, Santo Domingo
  4. Barrister
  5.  Call Center Pros
    • Av Winston Churchill No 77, Santo Domingo
  6. Chatterbox Solutions
  7. Conduent/Xerox
    • Av Luperon, Santo Domingo
  8. Contadom BPO
  9. Convergys
    •  Galeria 360, Av. John F. Kennedy, Santo Domingo
    • San Isidrio, Santo Domingo Este
  10. Dialing Center
    • Santo Domingo Este
  11. Equinox 
    • Av Lope de Vega #55, Edif Robles, Suite 203, Naco, Santo Domingo
  12. ERC BPO
    •  Calle Lic Carlos Sanchez, Santo Domingo
  13. Groupo Vimenca (DataVimenca)
    • Abraham Lincoln Ave. #308, Santo Domingo
  14. Opinion Access
  15. POS Caribbean Services
    • Calle Presidente Gonzalez, casi Esquina Ave. Tiradentes, Santo Domingo
  16. Primetel Global Services
  17. Prolink Vision
    •  Av Tiradentes Esq 27 de Febrero, Plaza Merengue Suite 214, Santo Domingo
    • Email CV to 
  18. Siriux
    • San Vicente de Paúl No.113, Edif. La Hogareña 4to Nivel, Santo Domingo
  19. Sonos Call Solutions
  20. Talk2Rep
    • Tiradentes, Esq. Lic. Carlos Sanchez, Torre Cristal, Torre Cristal, 4 Piso, Ensanche Naco, Santo Domingo
  21. Teleperformance
  22. Trueshore
    • Avenida Los Proceres, #50 Edif Unicorp, 4to Piso, Arroyo Hondo, Santo Domingo
  23. Vixicom
    • John F. Kennedy Esq. Calle Del Carmen, Naco, Santo Domingo
  24. Visionary Solutions Consulting
    • Calle Roberto Pastoriza 420- Torre DaVinci, Ensanche Piantini, Santo Domingo
  25. YaCall
    • Calle Francia #25, Gascue, Santo Domingo

Whew…that I think is all the current call centers in Santo Domingo as of Feb. 2017 who hire English speaking employees (actually prefer them)!

I came across these really good links that you may also want to visit.

Do you know of any other call centers in Santo Domingo? If so, please comment below.