If you didn’t come with a job or you’re looking for a different one then this post is for you. Most Americans work either in a call center, school (o university), or a hotel but if you have a particular skill you may be able to also work in that area or maybe in a company you know of.

There are about 24 call centers in Santo Domingo alone that are almost always looking for English Speaking Customer Service Reps with Advanced to Native English speaking reps. Some require some Spanish but most just seem to want English Speaking agents. Some even have hiring bonuses to lure you in. Bonus ranging from $250 USD to $1000 USD and starting pay anywhere from $23,000 DOP a month to $50,000 DOP a month with some benefits. Please read my post on all the call centers in the Santo Domingo. There is also a Facebook page for all call center jobs in the Dominican Republic.

Schools and universities that need English speaking teachers, to teach the English language,  of course, are plentiful and may be hard to find a very complete list using just internet resources. Check out my post on international schools in Santo Domingo.

Some other options – US based companies and government programs including Uber,  US Embassy, USAIDCiti, & Abbott Laboratories. There are also programs where you teach English here but were recruited while in the states – one Go Oversees has several programs to teach English and if you have kids you can register them in a program too!

Also, any companies that work with imports and exports especially with American ties. They usually require English speaking employees. Anything with Air or Marine transport.

Do you know of other options for primarily English speakers in Santo Domingo? If so, please use the comment area below and please add name and website (or Facebook page) of local.