The Dominican Republic will have a special police you are almost sure to come across on the streets especially at the traffic lights. They are called “AMET” for Autoridad Metropolitana de Transporte (loosely translated Metropolitan Transport Authority). They are the ones that give traffic citations most of which is for talking on a cell phone while driving. The fine for this offense is about $275 USD and its one of the highest traffic citations. Another one is running over someone while intoxicated which is almost $400 USD. All other tickets average around $50 USD. I have to point out that not having your seat belt is about $15 USD.

The AMET are usually in a green uniform standing either in the middle of the intersection or at the side. If they are in the middle of an intersection it’s directing traffic. Their direction takes priority over the traffic light over them. No comment. I am not sure why this is necessary but it seems to work.

They are also usually nice or courteous people. They are the ones most likely to help and call help if your car gets stuck on the side of the road. There is another division that helps just with this, can’t think of its name now.

On the other hand, AMET will also call the department’s tow truck (you will pay later) if you are parked in a no parking zone (usually one with a no parking sign (no estaciones); the one with a red circled E crossed off). Otherwise than that you should just avoid blocking any car exits and entrance areas.

Is there anything else you know about AMET that you would like to add? If so please comment below noting that it should just be more factual and less opinion.