I didn’t think this was gonna be such a big deal -laundry. I had a laundry strategy in the US – every 2 weeks I visited the laundromat and washed, dried, and folded all household clothes in less than 2 hours. On top of that, I also cleaned my car while I waited. Like everything else doing laundry in the Dominican Republic is completely different (almost).

First and most important it’s impossible to find a laundromat. Googling, I found two that others have used but I haven’t -Wash Wash Laundromat (Calle Arzobispo Nouel #103, Zona Colonial, Santo Domingo) and Lavanderia Tin (Arzobispo Portes #324, Zona Colonial, Santo Domingo). From what I read online they are not like American Laundromats where you take your clothes and wash them yourself. Instead, you take it, someone washes it, you pick it up and its about $6 USD a load. Depends on how long you will be in the Dominican Republic if you find it worth it. One interesting thing to note that although Laundromat translates to Lavanderia; a Lavanderia in the Dominican Republic is more of a dry cleaning type of service and charge you for the piece, about $2 USD per item. They sometimes even fix stuff – you know seams and stuff.

So that was my favorite way to do laundry, another way is buying a washer and dryer. Until now I didn’t know that the washers I was accustomed to were American washers & dryers and there is something called a Dominican washer and dryers. American washers and dryers are about $400 USD each and Dominican washers/dryer (combo) are about $200 USD. Don’t be fooled a Dominican washer/dryer combo is more like a modernized antique wash tub – you do all the work. The Dominican washer conserves both water and electricity. The washers just hold several pieces of clothes at a time and most require that you fill washer yourself with water, (add detergent) wash, drain yourself, fill again, rinse, drain again, wring clothes piece by piece, place in the centrifuge dryer carefully ensuring its almost perfectly balanced (saying a prayer), and finally placing it on the line to dry. You may have noticed that I skipped the fabric softener but it also skips 3 steps – fill, rinse with fabric softener, drain. The first time I did laundry it took me about 9 hard labor hours. Nine! Please read my detailed post on how to do laundry in a Dominican washer. Along with some tips.

You can always hire someone who comes and washes your clothes. It can be really inexpensive less than $40 a month. Sometimes they will handwash but you most now may need to use your Dominican washer/dryer combo although you could find someone that would take the clothes to their home or you drop off but how much do you trust the person. Also, remember if they wash your clothes you will have to be home. They will put it to dry and take it down for you. Still not a good option for me -no one cares about your own clothes like you. After doing some Dominican laundry I feel different about my clothes. Go ahead do it yourself – see what I mean.

After doing some Dominican laundry I feel different about my clothes. Go ahead do it yourself – see what I mean. See if I care. 🙂

Do you know of any other ways to do laundry in Santo Domingo? Have you been to one of the laundromats mentioned or any others? If so, please use the comment section to leave information.