Uber is in the Dominican Republic and along with the site theme, it is different. It has been in the Dominican Republic for about a year now and has both UberX and UberXL just like in the US but it also has UberMOTO. UberMOTO is the motorcycle of Uber and its just starting out. I will update when I know more. Uber is currently only in Santo Domingo and Santiago and also has a cash option (read my post on Money, Money, Money).

You can use it just like you do in the US but may notice that drivers don’t use their Google maps or Waze apps as much. So, if they ask you which route to take and you don’t know go ahead and tell them to follow the shortest route or shortest time route in Google maps. Google knows best (for most of it). NOTE: Google maps in the Dominican Republic is not always correct – the numbering may not be chronological (one side of the street differs), most people don’t really know their exact address nor zip code (they have never sent or received a letter they call each other and find each other), and sometimes the road that was a one way in one direction is immediately upon crossing a one-way in the other direction (or a two way that turns to a one-way in the opposite direction but Dominican drivers know and know they can’t turn a certain way on a particular road.

You will be charged in pesos and your credit card provider will convert based on the current conversion rate. Personally, I still think credit card option is the best and the safest and plus you don’t end up giving a big tip that you didn’t want to give because the driver doesn’t have change. Remember that the smallest coin is $1 DOP and usually most don’t provide change under $5 DOP but some may not have anything bigger than $50 pesos on them.

Uber can be physically found at Diamond Mall, Local 87A. Av. Los Proceres, Arroyo Hondo, Santo Domingo Districto Nacional and are open 9-5 pm M-F. For emergencies only, you can call (829) 946 3575 and for general questions email soporte@uber.com. They have their own website too (mostly for drivers) – http://www.uberdominicana.com/.

Is there anything you want to add about Uber? Please note that this is for informational purposes only and not a forum for opinions on Uber and/or their services.