Can you believe that even going to the carwash is different in the Dominican Republic? Most people hate washing their own car and rarely if ever do it instead they go to a carwash and pay someone to manually wash their car and vacuum the inside.

I asked someone once why do they go and get their car washed at a Dominican carwash and they replied ‘because I don’t have time to do it myself’. Huh? Really? I forgot to mention that a car wash usually has a bar area to drink (guess what? Presidentes) and it usually takes over half an hour (almost an hour or maybe more cause its hand washed). I haven’t really seen any automated car washes and I guess it’s because of the electricity and water issue.

It’s a social gathering place! Usually, you take a friend or meet friends -“hey let’s go to the car wash. I need to get my car washed” and it’s literally like saying “let’s get a beer”. Whose in?

If I remember correctly an American carwash where they handwash my car there isn’t a bar, one goes alone, and one only does it when they have lots of time to kill (were are not counting when they wash your car at your job), right? And although I love having a clean car, I hating going to the car wash cause its expensive and they take too long. Not in the DR, it’s a happy place. I still haven’t been, I don’t want to spoil myself although it’s just a couple hundred pesos.