Ok. You gotta learn it so you don’t look confused when you see a green refrigerator. The national beer cerveza is called Presidente (yeap Spanish word for President). It’s also known as a Fria (cold). It is the one thing you will almost always find cold. As a matter of fact, it has its own freezer and most show you the degrees below zero it’s at. That’s how the locals like it. I have even seen the green President refrigerator with its own generator or backup generator. It’s the only thing you will find with constant electricity. Which is why it’s always cold and the locals like it. In a hot day don’t you want a guaranteed cold drink to quench your thirst? Locals like it so cold that they don’t bother to take it home (gets too warm), they drink it right there in the colmados especially if it’s a super colmado or a colmadon.  

They come in several different sizes – pequeña, mediana/grande, jumbo and although they show a suggested retail price on the cap, the price varies from place to place (better neighborhoods, closer to the beach, and in more touristy areas the prices tend to be a little higher) can start at $70 DOP for a pequeña and a jumbo starts at $140 DOP. They come in green (regular or light beer) or black (extra strong beer) glass bottles. President Black is only available as a pequeña. You can also get them in a can but almost no one does that.

You may find locals drinking it every day or on Fridays (called Social Friday), Payday, 15th or 30th of any month, any weekend day, and celebration day , any political day (although government sometimes prevents drinking on these days called toque de queda and you are expected to be home at a certain hour and not drinking in a colmado but certain places may not follow the law), really all days of the year count to drink.  Sometimes if it’s a good colmado you’ll get music, maybe Karaoke, and maybe even waitress service to your white plastic chair. Also don’t be surprised when you see all these white plastic chairs on the actual road because the colmado itself has no space.

These refrigerators are not only found in the colmados. They are also found everywhere else – like in the malls and sometimes it’s the only drink at events besides water. In malls they only pour the beer in cups. The legal drinking age is 18. CULTURE SHOCK ALERT: I’ve heard that most families may allow their children to drink at an earlier age in their homes. I’ve never seen anyone check for ID’s and most colmados know you and your family personally so they may think it’s okay. I really think that about 85% of the population drinks beer and the government promotes it.

My daddy told me that beer can only be made if the water is 100% pure and clean, so it is made from the cleanest water. If you are concerned about that water my opinion is drink Presidente beer (if you do so do at your own risk and don’t drink and drive that’s just dumb… again my opinion).