What’s WhatsApp and why do I care? Well in short WhatsApp is a phone application that lets you text, send voice clips, or call (voice or video) for free using Wifi or your paid mobile data. It’s a lot like Facebook Messenger and it’s actually owned by Facebook but many people in the Dominican Republic use it, including businesses who will return a WhatsApp message quicker than calling you back or texting you because those options cost money. To activate What’sApp you need a phone number and you can keep it as long as you have that number or no one else adds WhatsApp to that same number.

It’s a must have app. It’s also a nice app to recommend to state friends so that they can send you text messages and calls for free without paying international messaging or calls. It’s also a great app for those who may not yet be on Facebook (or don’t want to be). Again if you are using someone else Wifi it could be completely free to communicate with anyone in the world who also has a WhatsApp app. It’s rare to find someone who has a phone and doesn’t have WhatsApp. It is also good for storing or sending past messages via email (if you are into that kind of thing). It also can sync online with their website so you can use your computer to communicate to any of your contacts.

Here’s the link to learn more and download the app https://www.whatsapp.com/features/

TIP: Don’t join a WhatsApp group chat; they are evil… (actually can be really helpful but soon you’d figure out why I say evil… 🙂