Hello. My name is Maria although my family and most all of my spanish speaking friends call me Maria Laura. I guess to distinguish from all the other Marias that they know.

The beautiful island of Hispanola (the Dominican Republic side)
is where I was born.  Only lived in the DR a couple years then on US soil.  The last decade or so I have lived in North Carolina but I have moved back to the Dominican Republic (DR) in the last couple months.

I thought since I always visited, I know the place, my family is all from here, most of my family lives here, I know the culture, I am intelligent, am independant, and so on.. I thought moving here would be easier. It is not and mostly because its so different. So, I am writing this blog to point out those differences in living in the DR.

By pointing out the differences, this blog could help anyone moving here especially someone from the US but these are based on my experiences and my life goals. I want to live like the locals do in Santo Domingo and not the rich locals who can afford an almost identical American lifestyle (with a few differences). So, its meant to help you save some money.

I have looked for information on moving and living here and found that its either – fee based site, old site, or just not enough information in one place on actually moving and living here. There is an enourmous amount of tourism information which could help with some living here parts in the Dominican Republic Has it all Tourism page. Great for vacations and event information to know whats happening.

I love the US and plan on moving back but I also love the DR and want to explore all it has to offer. I hope I dont offend any patriot of any of these two wonderful countries, that is not my intent. Anything negative I may say may be just part of my experience and my attempt at humor. I wouldn’t live in either country if I hated it.

It’s also not my intent to misinform but I may because everything is so word of mouth and may be my opinion, preception, or the opinions of others. So please take everything with a grain of salt.