Dominican Orientation

Where to Look for Work

If you didn't come with a job or you're looking for a different one then this post is for you. Most Americans work either in a call center, school (o university), or a hotel but if you have a particular... Continue Reading →


Call Centers in Santo Domingo

It seems like almost all the call centers in the Dominican Republic are looking for English speaking employees except any local call centers for like electricity, telecommunications, etc. Below is what I hope to be a complete list of those... Continue Reading →

Santo Domingo Getaway

Maybe you live here already and want to get away or maybe you just want a quick getaway¬†to Santo Domingo. Here are my recommendations for some things to do and especially where to stay. If you want to see the... Continue Reading →

Whatcha need (First day)

So on the first day, you will need to go out and buy some stuff for your new home especially if it came unfurnished. NOTE: Your first actual day may be in a hotel or a hostel (cheaper). In this... Continue Reading →

Treehuggers Rejoice, well maybe

The best thing I have heard, so far, about the Dominican ways is their tree cutting law. One has to ask permission before cutting down any tree even in the city. From what I have heard its also difficult to... Continue Reading →


Santo Domingo is such a large city that I was told it couldn't keep up with its electrical consumption which is why having electricity cycles through the city throughout the day. So no one has electricity (at least from the... Continue Reading →

Bathroom Policy

Well, this is one of the first things you gotta learn. You use it every day and need to get it right. It's different in the DR. First and most important rule - do not throw anything in the toilet... Continue Reading →

Cell Phone, Why are you so different?

Sometimes you just need to use a cell phone especially when you are new to the area. How else can you call for help or listen to a friendly voice? Using cell phones in the Dominican Republic may not be... Continue Reading →

Landline, I didnt know you exsisted

Communicating in the DR can be difficult. Face to face may still be the ideal method in the DR. Although some may think it is the cheapest method; it is not unless you only talk to your neighbors and you... Continue Reading →

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