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Money, Money, Money

This is most likely the most important topic. In the Dominican Republic -cash is King and maybe Queen and Jack. There are many places that just take cash! I had to use cash to buy a mattress set, they wouldn't... Continue Reading →


Call Centers in Santo Domingo

It seems like almost all the call centers in the Dominican Republic are looking for English speaking employees except any local call centers for like electricity, telecommunications, etc. Below is what I hope to be a complete list of those... Continue Reading →

Santo Domingo Getaway

Maybe you live here already and want to get away or maybe you just want a quick getaway to Santo Domingo. Here are my recommendations for some things to do and especially where to stay. If you want to see the... Continue Reading →

Whatcha need (First day)

So on the first day, you will need to go out and buy some stuff for your new home especially if it came unfurnished. NOTE: Your first actual day may be in a hotel or a hostel (cheaper). In this... Continue Reading →

Treehuggers Rejoice, well maybe

The best thing I have heard, so far, about the Dominican ways is their tree cutting law. One has to ask permission before cutting down any tree even in the city. From what I have heard its also difficult to... Continue Reading →

Get Ready

Get ready to live in the DR. Are you mentally prepared? For whatever your reason for moving to the DR it is still a move and it's bigger than an intercontinental move. It's an international move. The culture and government are... Continue Reading →

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Get Set

Get ready to live in the DR. This post tells you what do you need to research and set up to start living in the DR. There are two major areas - work and home. Job You need to already... Continue Reading →

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Go or come to the DR. This post will tell you how to get here and what you may need to bring with you. What to Bring with You: Clothes You don't really need more than clothes on your back to... Continue Reading →

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